Bunk House
Location: Coeur d’Alene River (Prichard, ID)
Architect: Greg Higgins
Structural Engineer: Dave Thomas, PE, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle, WA
Steel components/panels: HabiTek, LLC
Scope: 270sf (dry cabin)

The Bunkhouse was HabiTek’s first full-scale prototype project. This structure is located in a flood plain near the Coeur d’Alene River. Indeed, note in this photo dated spring 2008, flood waters have reached the top of the concrete piers. This small project brought the system concept to life, and explored the ability of laypersons to participate in a kind of barn-raising event. The community of family, friends, and neighbors that assembled the structure proved, at least for smaller projects, the DIY approach works using HabiTek’s steel components.

This photo shows what was accomplished on day one. The first pre-fabricated wall panel is in place to stiffen the frame. Note the interior wood beams at the roof collar, a gesture to the integration of wood and steel.

Prefabricated wall and roof panels begin to form the cabin’s shape. The panels were made of light gauge steel framing sheathed with plywood. The perimeter of the open panel frame is fastened to the steel framework with “tek” screws. In this application, the prefabricated floor panels are attached at the top flange of the beam.

Noon the second day: one of HabiTek’s covert objectives is to bring some joy back into the process of homebuilding. Being able to see such substantial progress in a short time certainly helps bring a sense of satisfaction after a long days work. Note the garbage can in the foreground; it was never filled with waste. Reducing waste is a big advantage of pre-fabrication.