Honomu House
Location: Honomu, HI
Owner: Doug and Laurie Lung
Architect: Greg Higgins
Structural Engineer: David Thomas, PE, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle, WA
Steel and panel components: HabiTek, LLC
Scope: 2470sf; 3 bed, 2 bath

The design combines a classic 4-square plan with Hawaii Plantation house elements, such as north facing lanais on both floors. Two floors of living space and a daylight basement surround a stair tower culminating in a observation deck for whale watching. The tower is also a passive stack ventilation system. The owner, a broadcast engineer, plans to install various antennae and weather monitoring devices atop the tower.

Note that the lanai railing balusters and rods are installed at this early stage of frame assembly. The powdered coated balusters connect to the same pre-drilled holes used by the system's beams and brackets; thus, some finish work is in place almost from the start.

Crew members tighten bolts to connect steel outriggers to the framework. Various types of outriggers are fabricated to support room cantilevers and roof overhangs, and are bolted to the HUBS using the same threaded holes used to fasten beams in place. Note that the steel beams will be exposed and eventually painted. Thus far, all HabiTek’s customers have elected to expose the steel components.

A two-person team positions a beam in place as the assembly process approaches the topping off event. Although not for the faint of heart at this height, all HabiTek components are sized to be handled by no more than two able-bodied persons.

Roof decking is air-nailed to a wood sleeper which was previously screwed to the rafter beam. The HabiTek systems is designed for a relatively seamless integration with standard dimensional lumber. This approach is called a hybrid system.